Hospital Beds and Medicare

Does Medicare Cover Hospital Beds?

Medicare will cover a hospital bed when you can show a medical necessity for the bed. You must also be covered under Medicare Part B and have been assessed by your doctor. The doctor must document your need in your medical records and write you an order (prescription) for the equipment. Only your doctor can prescribe the equipment for you.

The supplier must receive the order before Medicare is billed and it must be kept on file by the supplier.

How Do I Qualify For a Hospital Bed?

To qualify for a hospital bed you must show that you:

  • Change positions in ways not possible on a normal bed
  • Lay or sleep in positions not possible with a normal bed in order to relieve pain
  • Have to sleep with the head of the bed higher than 30 degrees because of conditions such as congestive heart failure, breathing problems, or other types of problems
  • Use traction equipment that must be attached to a hospital bed
  • Have a Certificate of Medical Necessity that is completed, signed and dated by the treating doctor

The above is the basic criteria for coverage for hospital beds. There are a number of different kinds of beds, such as an adjustable hospital bed. Each will have additional requirements for coverage. Your treating doctor and/or your supplier will know what needs to be documented in order for you to qualify for the bed and equipment that is right for you. Adjustable beds, full-electric beds and electric hi-lo beds are considered convenience devices, and are not covered by Medicare.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent or Buy a Hospital Bed?

After you have paid your annual deductible, you will pay 20% of the Medicare-approved amount for the hospital bed purchase or rental and maintenance. If you have Supplemental insurance you may have little to no out-of-pocket cost for a manual crank, or a semi-electric Hospital bed.